To write, edit and publish a work of fiction in eight hours or less. You are free to write whatever you wish. The author is responsible for all aspects of the creative process, including cover creation (whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it) and posting it to at least one major e-book vendor (typically Amazon).


1. Everyone is welcome to participate in the challenge.

2. You may take the challenge as often as you like.

3. You are free to write whatever you like. No work will be excluded because of its subject matter or genre.

4. The hours worked do not have to be consecutive.

5. Although writers are encouraged to attempt the challenge in 8 hours or less, you may use up to 24 hours to ensure quality and completion of your work.

6. E-mail me the following details to by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month:
  • Title
  • Author Name
  • Genre
  • Total Words
  • Completion Time (This is used to determine the 8/12/24 hour categories.)
  • Book Cover (Please limit this to 350 pixels in width.)
  • Description
  • About The Author (No limitations. Include information about your blog and other forms of social media here.)
  • Date(s) free
  • Link(s) (If it's not on Amazon, a link to one of the other major vendors will do. Affiliate links are accepted.)
  • Additional Comments (Optional. Tell us what you learned from the challenge, obstacles that you had to overcome, shameless promotion, etc.)
Early submissions are encouraged and will be added to the Recent Submissions page.

7. If your book is in Kindle Unlimited, I may grab a copy, earning you a borrow and (possibly) a review.

8. A link back to the Eight Hour Fiction Challenge in your e-book is appreciated but not required.

9. Starting September 2014, I will accept entries for Fantastic Finishes. These are works that are started but not finished. By investing as little as 8 hours (to a maximum 24), an author can challenge themselves to bring closure to their languishing work as well as edit, design a cover, and publish it on one of the major vendors' stores. A special Fantastic Finishes section will be added to the monthly results and has the same requirements (Author, Title, etc.) as other entries. Please mention that it's one of the Fantastic Finishes in your correspondence so that it can be added to the appropriate section.

10. Starting October 2014, I will accept entries for Radical Revivals. These are works that have previously been published, but did not hit the intended mark (artistically, financially, etc). By investing as little as 8 hours (to a maximum of 24), an author can breathe new life into a work by tweaking the cover, performing a new edit, extending the lines, or if he or she is so inclined, tossing the whole thing out and trying again. A special Radical Revivals section will be appended to the monthly results, just after Fantastic Finishes. When submitting your entry, please mention that it is a Radical Revival so that it can be included in the appropriate section.


Let's not ruin it for those who are participating. If you disagree with what we are doing, refrain from commenting here and start your own blog or thread instead.

If you find something that you really enjoy, please consider leaving the author a review.

Please, don't be shy or intimidated. Take a chance on yourself. You'll be glad you did!

And yes, I will be taking the challenge myself every month.

So what are you waiting for? Write your masterpiece today!

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