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Eight Hour Challenge Results (February 2014)

February was the first full month of restarting the Eight Hour Fiction Challenge, a call to arms for all able authors that originated on Joe Konrath's blog. A couple of us informally took the challenge in January, and posted the results here.

I hope you'll enjoy what authors came up this month. Hopefully we'll have a better turnout in March

Title: The Most Wonderful Day
Author: Scott Gordon
Genre: Humor
Length: 1,250 words
Completion Time: 4 hours


Martin Freeman finally took the plunge. He quit his day job to become a full time author and isn't looking back. Brimming with confidence, he's concerned how his wife Greta will take the news. Although being your own boss is liberating, it's also quite scary. If things don't work out, there's no one else to blame but him, a point Greta will most certainly remind him.

But he'll make it work. He's sure of it.

It's just a matter of convincing his wife…


“Today is the most wonderful day in the world.” Martin Freeman stepped inside his humble home and kissed his wife Greta.

“And why is that, dear?” She scanned over the Food Section of the Washington Post and turned the page.

“Because I’m free to write whatever I want.” He slung his jacket over a chair and pulled it next to her.

“I thought you were already free to write whatever you want.” Greta did not look up. “That’s why you decided not to waste your time submitting your manuscript to traditional publishers and work independently.”

“That’s true, but it’s so much more than that,” he beamed.

Suspicious, she put down the newspaper and looked him in the eye. “I know that look.” She bit her lip. “What did you do?”

About The Author

Scott Gordon is the author of several children's books, including My Little Pet Dragon, My Crazy Pet Frog, Pigtastic, A Little Book About You, A Pocketful of Dinosaurs, Ninja Robot Repairmen and If I Were A Robot. Currently he is hard at work on multiple projects: Secret Agent Disco Dancer, Braedyn Bunny and the Missing Eggs, Baby Bee, Aveline & the Great Pumpkin Bash and more!

Date(s) Free

March 12-16 on Amazon.

Where To Find It


Title: La Flor Más Hermosa
Author: Scott Gordon (author), Ligia Gordon (translator)
Genre: Children's Book/Girls
Length: 500 words or more (picture book)
Completion Time: 3-4 hours book creation and publication, 5-6 hours translation

Description (Spanish Language)

La búsqueda para encontrar la más bella flor, lleva a una madre a descubrir el bien más preciado de todos. Con obras de arte deslumbrantes en cada página, esta es una lectura obligada para todas las madres e hijas por igual. Aproximadamente 40 páginas.

Descripciones de mis otros libros populares para niños se incluyen al final (un adicional de 5 páginas).

Where to Find It:


Note: This following title was written back in August 2013, but was too late to qualify for Joe Konrath's original challenge. Since February was a light month for entries, I decided to include it here. Enjoy!

Title: Something Under the Sea is Drooling: A Halvin and Cobbs Adventure
Author: Ken Naga
Genre: Science Fiction/Comedy
Length: 6,011 words
Completion time: 7 hours, 56 minutes


Halvin an' Cobbs vs. Cthulhu!

Halvin "Hal" Ferguson spent his childhood day-dreaming, but even in his wildest imaginings, he never thought he would find himself thrust onto the ragged edge of reality.

Hal's fantastic and unrestrained imagination placed him at the head of a motley but mighty band of beings known as the Mindknaves who tirelessly battle against the forces from Beyond.

But now, the Mindknaves are all but gone. They cannot help him. Cthulhu made sure of that.

Cthulhu - a rancorous and insanely-powerful psyche-shredding force from Beyond has captured Hal's Mom and Dad. Hal knows Cthulhu's plan. The monstrous being of ancient evil plans to force Hal to give up the source of his power - his imagos - and Hal knows that Cthulhu will do anything to get it.

So why is Hal, accompanied by his ever-faithful friend and guardian, the talisman-toy lion Cobbs, diving straight into the reality-warping citadel-city of R'lyeth--straight for Cthulhu's home?

Because Hal knows something that Cthulhu doesn't...or at least he hopes he does.

About The Author

I love to write. I try to write everyday, but I sometimes fail. Regardless, every time I write I try to write better than I did the last time. I think that makes me a writer. I hope my writing pleases those who read it.

I am terribly afraid of snakes.

Additional Comments

See my original blog post:

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Title: The Crappiest Author
Author: WTF Man
Genre: Humor
Length: 5,400 words
Completion Time: 22 hours


Borges Svelt set a goal; a goal that he has no hope of achieving: writing 100,000 words in one day. At first he takes baby steps, averaging 25,000 words per day before encountering his first obstacle. With a little ingenuity, can the eccentric author conquer his dream? Or is he totally out of his league?

About The Author

Where You Can Find It


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